Grading is a very subjective issue, however our grading goes from 1A the lowest quality to Master grade which is the highest quality according to our criteria.

When we grade the tone wood we take into consideration several aspects as the age of the wood, grain orientation, colour and uniqueness of the piece.

1A grade: Means that the pieces quality is not perfect but still usable, it might have some issues as grain orientation, spacing or other. These are the cheapest pieces.

2A grade: The quality is overall satisfatory and cost effective, these are probably the most selling pieces all over.

3A grade: It shows great quality, already a high end piece with a moderate high price. Some master grade pieces are depromoted to 3A due to some imperfect issue.

Master grade: It means that is the top of the top, it applies to unique and superb pieces with perfect grain and colour, naturally these are the most expensive and the most difficult pieces to source as well.