About us

We are brothers and musicians and have made many different things related to music for the past decades, back in 2014 we decided to create our guitar brand – Lágrima Guitarras and started to look for and collect the finest tone wood around. At some point we had much more wood than the guitars we probably would produce someday and start selling some. In this process we realized how precious it was the wood we have and decided to create Lágrima Tonewood to supply other guitar makers as well.

The wood itself is part of our childhood memories when we made our first guitars in our father’s furniture shop, his father and his great father have been woodworkers as well. 

In other hand Portugal it has been for centuries one of the world’s largest wood importers, mostly from Brazil but also from Africa and Asia – where more than 500 years ago sailed those seas, sourcing woods among many other things to Europe and to the rest of the world, we can call it the beginning of globalization.

The Portuguese ships were made out of Brazilwood also known as Pernambuco, that’s how Brazil got its name.

Despite the imported timber we are glad to present as well some local amazing tone wood that we are sure it will be highly appreciated worldwide.

One of our main goals is sustainability, we don’t cut trees down, we use mostly old timber coming from small furniture shops and sometimes salvaged from old furniture, the supply is very limited most of the times. For the younger woods that we cannot source in Portugal we work with reliable partners that use only wood from fallen trees.

Welcome to Lágrima Tonewood and we hope you enjoy working such precious tone wood as much as we do.